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May 26 2015

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a może by tak to wszystko pierdolnąć i wyjechać w Bieszczady...?

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May 24 2015

Tatra Mountains, Poland.
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May 05 2015

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April 29 2015

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April 20 2015

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April 19 2015

Super nice things to do for someone who has depression


- Chances are their room is a disaster and they have -846 motivation to do anything about it. Helping them tidy up will make them feel a little less overwhelmed. 

- Do their laundry. Even small chores seem to pile up when a person is depressed and not having clean clothes won’t make them feel any better. Washing their bedding is also great.

- Try to convince them to go for a short walk with you. There is a good chance they will feel a lot better after.

- If you can’t get them outside, at least open a window for fresh air and let some sunshine in.

- Prepare them a healthy meal with some fresh fruit. Many depressed people fall into bad eating patterns. 

- If they aren’t eating enough, make sure they are taking a multi vitamin since not getting enough of a vitamin causes depression

- Make them a warm, nice smelling bath. Aromatherapy is a great way to treat depression and anxiety. 

- Write them a letter or card to read for when they’re feeling really bad.

- Make them a recovery playlist with some of their favourite songs and anything up lifting.

- Make them laugh.

- Make them a cup of tea and sit with them.

- Listen to them and try to understand what they’re feeling.

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April 06 2015

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